Electronic cigarettes: No smoking, but lots of fuming

Electronic cigarettes sprout on Boston shelves

Customers can sit at one of six “bars” with a bartender to try the different flavors of juice. Vapers note that their e-choice is still less harmful than cigarettes, and more pleasant in taste and smell, even if they must go outside to indulge. Nonetheless, there is still risk to the person puffing on an e-cigarette, if the juice contains nicotine. Even without the chemicals in traditional cigarettes, nicotine is bad for cardiovascular health and pregnant women, Siegel says.
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Can electronic cigarettes help smokers kick the traditional habit?

Tech-Cigarette ( EMAILWIRE.COM , July 09, 2013 ) Dallas, Texas — Electronic cigarette vs regular cigarette has always been the main issue of contention amidst serious smoking enthusiasts who would be keen to ensure that they lay their hands onto the best smoking devices that are ideally best suited for the year 2013. It needs to be noticed that while opting for an electronic cigarette, smoking enthusiasts need to realize that this is a smoking device that is devoid of tobacco, ash, tar as well as the highly offensive second hand smoke that is always present in a traditional cigarette, which is apparently the main reason why this device is being preferred in the current year. As per tech-cigarette spokesperson, While comparing an e cigarette with a regular cigarette , it needs to be kept in mind that both these devices are poles apart with regards to their overall functionality. While an e cig makes use of a battery that is rechargeable in nature to perform its functions, a regular cigarette makes use of a match that is used to ignite the chemicals to produce nicotine filled smoke.
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Electronic Cigarette Vs Regular Cigarette- Tech-Cigarette Reveals it All

Massachusetts has not taken either action. Lorillards product, called blu eCigs, typically sells for $9.99 around Boston, but some devices from smaller companies are being sold for as little as $7.99, Harding said. That is less than traditional cigarettes, which typically go for about $8.50 a pack.
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Electronic Cigarette Online Payment Services Now Offered by Tasker Payment Gateways

Tasker Payment Gateways can provide electronic cigarette vendors assistance in selecting and setting up e-cig friendly payment gateways such as NMI or Plug n’ Play. Through their various partnerships, Tasker Payment Gateways is able to help e-cigarette merchants acquire low-cost credit card processing solutions. Tasker Payment Gateways works with payment gateways and processing partners that understand the need for low rates and low reserves in order to keep a e-cigarette business in the black. According to owner Matt Tasker “the payment gateway accounts we offer to online e-cigarette merchants not only allow them to accept credit cards online, they do so in a fairly ubiquitous manner. We have options to integrate with nearly every major shopping cart out there.” These new offerings from Tasker Payment Gateways allow electronic cigarette merchants to keep their overhead costs low while providing them optimal processing stability. By providing focus on the e-cig market, Tasker Payment Gateways hopes to service an industry that often feels underserved.
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